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Pallet Covers

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Pallet covers improve the efficiency of warehousing and transport of your product by protecting from water damage, punctures and abrasions, and reducing theft and pilferage in addition to elimination of scattered loads. Covered pallets also contain leakage - thereby reducing the risk of damage to products in close proximity.

Shrink Film

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Shrink film comes in two basic varieties: single-wound (flat) polythene tubing slit on both sides, creating two sheets on top of each other and wound separately and centrefold slit on one side before winding so that a long sheet is formed, that opens out to twice the film width.

Stretch Wrap

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Stretch wrap is a polyethylene plastic, also referred to as pallet wraps or hand wrap, generally used to hold boxes on a pallet for transport. Stretch wrap is pulled around the load and stretched. The plastic has a memory and wants to return to its original size. Thus the "elastic band effect" holds the load tight. Mostly used to package products together for internal and external shipping.

Manufacturers of pallet covers

On this web site you will find a dedicated guide to help you with your questions about pallet covers.

Online resource for information about shrink film and shrink bags. Also dedicated to find you the cheapest supplier of shrink packaging.

Website decided to find you the cheapest supplier of stretch wrap films. Their expert supplier can help you identify the most cost effective stretch wrap packaging that is the perfect fit for your needs.

Find suppliers of discount layflat tubing, polythene sheet and plastic film. Also contains information on where to source environmentally-friendly products.

Helps you with the best suppliers of discount manual, impulse and foot operated heat sealers. You can also read a lots of relevant, useful information about heat sealers.

Research & Resources

For detailed information for many types of packaging. You can read articles on about how they are made, material properties, sizes, types of plastic and much more.

We also listed here polythene packaging web directories where you can find quality suppliers of whatever you may need.

PackagingKnowledge: offers articles and news from the flexible polythene packaging industry. Including this article on polythene tube sheeting.

Goldstork: a private bank of interesting, unusual and off-beat websites. Find selected information and links to great packaging websites. plastic packaging directory where users and businesses can easely add their packaging product listings for free. Find useful websites about plastic tubing and polythene sheeting.

Eco Friendly Alternatives

Protection of the environment is an important issue and although it often experiences a bad press due to ignorance, packaging made out of plastic and polythene is actually one of the most efficient forms of packaging (due to its very low carbon footprint) and the ability to recycle. The following sites specialise in "green packaging" (environmentally-friendly) packaging:

Shrink Guns

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After shrink wrap is applied around an object the film will have to be heated to shrink. Packaging companies sometimes have a heated tunnel or oven for shrinking and these are very expensive. So if you are small company or individual and don't want to spend too much money on these machines all you need is a heat gun aka shrink gun.

Shrink guns are ideal for shrink wrapping low density shrink polythene like pallet covers and top sheets.

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

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To facilitate the use of hand held stretch wrap you could use and film dispenser. Just walk around the pallet, or object you wish to stretch wrap, holding the it tightly. Stretch wrap dispensers are very efficient so they will save your time and fingers!